Rules!!!(Read This)

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Rules!!!(Read This)

Post  Dj.Miskeen on Mon Jun 30, 2008 9:55 am

there isnt alot of things I expect from you guys, I mean this is a very laid back forum, most of times I don't really care...

But.. there is rules to be followed...

1.NO Racism.. I don't care what it is, or if its a joke, there is people who gon find it offensive...

2. NO Homophobia.. If someone's gay thats their shit, I mean we all know calling someone a faggot is not homophobia but if someone is in fact gay... respect it... I know that people aren't just gon come out of closet on a rap forum.. but still

3. NO Admin/Mod Hating, disrespecting the website... Most of times I dont care if people beef with me, but admins and mods are here to make this better place, so disrespecting them when you really aren't contributing isn't fair...

4. NO Offensive content/Avatar/Sig. Most members are here males, and we dont like to look at other men, or half naked men, no offense to people who fall under rule #2. This being very laid back forum we do like half naked women, however don't post total nudity as your sig/avatar. Keep your sig reletivly short, I dont have any limits and I dont like limits so first time is warning, 2nd time you will be roccing default un customizable avatar/sig...

The rules are simply and not too limiting therefor anyone breaking the rules will be banned. As of late the rules haven't been inforced and so, from now on they will be. So take notice

1st Offense = 1 week ban
2nd = month
3rd = a year

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